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Who can join?

  1. The competition is open to all mixed (SATB) youth choirs from the Diocese of Cubao. 
  2. Each participating choir must have a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 24 singing members, aged 18 to 30.  The group must have been singing for at least 1 year and never participated in any national or international choral competition.
  3. For choirs with equal voices (all male and all female), or for those with an insufficient number of singers, merging will be allowed, but only one conductor / choir leader (for choirs without a conductor) will lead the merged group in this competition.

How do we join?

  1. The REGISTRATION PERIOD begins on JUNE 1, 2024. Links and QR Codes leading to the landing page will simultaneously go live at 12 midnight of June 1. The landing page will contain all the pertinent details of the competition plus portals to register and submit entries.
  2. Interested choirs must visit the landing page to register and submit the following: 
    • Duly accomplished registration form
    • Conductor’s / Choir Leader’s brief profile and clear photo
    • Choir’s brief profile and a clear group photo
    • Endorsement letter from the parish priest (for church-based choirs) or from the Director for Performing Arts or an equivalent school authority (for university/college-based choirs) to certify the legitimacy of the choir in their church/institution. The form will be downloadable from the landing page.
  3. Choirs that do not meet the requirements, or fail to submit required documents before the deadline of registration on June 30, 2024, will automatically be disqualified.
  4. There is no registration fee for this competition.
  5. The registration period closes on June 30, 2024 at 12 midnight.

What are the prizes at stake?

On Finals Night, the Three (3) choirs with the highest scores will be declared the winners of the competition.  Depending on their rank, they will be awarded trophies and the following cash prizes:

First Prize: P50,000.00
Second Prize: P30,000.00
Third Prize: P20,000.00

By accepting the prizes, winners agree to hold FRC and all FRC employees harmless against any and all claims and liability arising out of use of such prizes. Winners assume all liability for any injury or damage caused from participation in the contest or use/redemption of any prize.

All registered choirs will go through an elimination round, from which only TEN (10) choirs will be selected to compete on Finals Night. 


  1. The elimination round will be conducted online only.
  2. Qualified participants must learn the ONE (1)-minute excerpt from the commissioned piece “MARY, OUR MOTHER, OUR QUEEN”. 
  3. Only choirs that have submitted the complete set of registration requirements will receive a confirmation e-mail together with a packet containing the sheet music of the excerpt of the contest piece and MIDI guides (per voice section).   
  4. Choirs must upload, via the landing page, a clean and clear video recording of the choir performing the required section of the contest piece, MARY, OUR MOTHER, OUR QUEEN, in a cappella.   The raw video must be in MP4 format (1920×1080, 30FPS), with zero to minimal ambient sound.  Choirs that upload their video entries on any other social media platform will be disqualified.
  5. Deadline for submission of videos is on JULY 30, 2024 (12 midnight).  Late submissions will not be accepted.
  6. Select jurors will screen all the video submissions from July 31 to August 14, 2024.
  7. The criteria for this round will be as follows:

    – stage deportment
    – clarity of recording
    – ensemble singing

*NOTE: Since the contest piece is a prayer-song, choreography is NOT allowed.

8. The decision of the jurors is final and irrevocable.

9. The top TEN (10) finalists will be announced on AUGUST 15, 2024 via our official social media platforms. Choir Leaders/ Conductors of the qualifying choirs will be duly notified by email and sent a second packet containing the complete sheet music of the whole contest piece, “MARY, OUR MOTHER, OUR QUEEN”


  1. The FINAL ROUND of the competition will be held LIVE at the Marian Auditorium of Miriam College along Katipunan Road, Loyola Heights, QC on OCTOBER 5, 2024, at 7:00PM.
  2. Finalist choirs will be required to attend a technical rehearsal at the contest venue in the afternoon of October 5.
  3. The top TEN (10) choirs are required to perform TWO (2) songs at the Finals
    • Warm-up Piece: Their choice of any festive sacred work (liturgical/ mass song or inspirational song) with a maximum duration of FOUR (4) minute-singing time. This song may be sung in a cappella or with piano / guitar accompaniment.  Choreography will be allowed.
    • Contest Piece: MARY, OUR MOTHER, OUR QUEEN, in a cappella
  4. Each choir-finalist is allowed a maximum of TWELVE (12) minutes on stage, inclusive of entry and exit. Time in excess, will be considered a technicality.
  5. All finalists are encouraged to wear their best outfits / costumes at the finals.
  6. A panel of professional choral conductors will adjudicate this competition with the following criteria:

    -pitch/tonal quality
    -rhythm and timing


    – Contest piece – 70%
    – Choice Piece – 30%

  7. CLAPPING and / or CHEERING from the audience DURING each choir’s performance is strictly prohibited.
  8. The decision of the jury is final and irrevocable.
  9. Announcement of winners and the awarding of prizes will be done at the end of the program.