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We are internationally-affiliated.

Our umbrella organization is the Holy Cross Family Ministries (HCFM) which is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The Family Rosary Crusade (FRC) serves as the official arm of the HCFM in the Philippines


[Pls send official Mission statement of FRC PH. I can only find HCFM”




Holy Cross Family Ministries strives to be a respected and reliable catalyst for inspiration, support, and dynamic content on family life through a focus on spirituality and prayer, especially the Rosary.

We will strive to be the most recognized and respected internationally affiliated family-centric Catholic Ministry that champions the preservation of family values and relationships, advocating with dynamism the transformative power of family prayer all over the Philippines and all future generations as lived by the mission of Father Patrick Peyton.

We want to create a world where families are made resilient through the binding power of family prayer.